The world’s most flavorful ingredients

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that the Iran Farms provide us with the world’s most flavorful ingredients. Our products are made in environments free of industrialized farming practices in order to deliver traditional flavors alongside matchless nutritional value.


TTKA Carrot Jam - 280gr

TTKA Carrot Jam - 315gr

TTKA Carrot Jam - 600gr

TTKA Carrot Jam - 800gr

carrot jam
fig jam

TTKA Fig Jam - 280gr

TTKA Fig Jam - 315gr

TTKA Fig Jam - 600gr

TTKA Fig Jam - 800gr

TTKA Sour Cherry - 315gr

TTKA Sour Cherry - 280gr

TTKA Sour Cherry - 800gr

cherry jam
Citron jam

TTKA Cedrate Jam - 315gr

TTKA Cedrate Jam - 600gr

TTKA Cedrate Jam - 800gr

TTKA Strawberry Jam - 315gr

TTKA Strawberry Jam - 600gr

TTKA Strawberry Jam - 800gr

Strawberry jam
Quince jam

TTKA Quince Jam - 280gr

TTKA Quince Jam - 315gr

TTKA Quince Jam - 800gr

TTKA Orange Jam - 315gr

TTKA Orange Jam - 800gr

orange jam

TTKA Raspberry Jam - 315gr

TTKA Rose Jam - 315gr

Family & Jams

We have traveled all across Iran in search of these “Gifts of Nature’’ and uphold the strictest selection and distribution guidelines so that your family can enjoy the authentic tradition from the comforts of your own kitchen table

Canned Food

Tomato paste

Side Dishes